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From The Bustan, Chapter V "On Love And Beauty"

Story III

A person had not seen his friend for a long interval. At last he met him and said, "Where wert thou? for I longed after thee." He replied, "Better longing than loathing."


Gay idol of my soul! late comest thou!
Not soon will I release thy garment now.


"Tis better that our friend we seldom see,
Than to behold him to satiety.


When a fair one comes attended by companions, she comes only to torment us; because, in that case, there must arise the jealousy and discord of rivals.


Comest thou attended, then thou comest me only to distress;
Thou comest truly to make war, though peace thy looks express.


But for an instant should my friend prefer
To be with others, envy would me slay.
"Saadi!" he smiling cried, "Would this deter
Me this assembly's beacon? what, I say,
Imports it that in me moths quench life's ray!"

translated by Edward B. Eastwick
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