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This poem is transcribed in pure Lancashire dialect.


By David Holmes, of Preston.

When t'lectric leet cum to Waarton
it was a gradely seet
Mi grandfather wer' that tekken wi' id
Id wer' torned on an' off aw neet

'e codn't get o'oer t'lamp lit itsell
Wi' no wick ta torn up at aw
Tha bod 'ed ta gerrup an' puw on t'switch
An' it wer' dayleet fray waw ta waw

"Sithabod i" 'e said when t'leet cum on
"Tha con see weer t'skirtins damp"
"Yon lamp-oil fella 'll bi baht wark"
"How wiz getten t'lectric lamp"

'e wer' an aw, wer' owd Tom Eayves
Bottom dropped aewt a t' th'oil
'e thowt a sellin' rubbin' stooans
Er gooin' back ta t'soil

Bud it warn't sa bad after aw
'e fon whad aw t'fooalk neyd
An' changed ta undertekkin
An dud that till 'e deed

Thad 'lectric changed a alot a things
Put up wi', 'till then
tha cud see ta sew an read an aw
An' dudn't 'ev ta sken

Owd granfather wod o' 'ed a fit
If 'e see aewr 'newse taday
Wi' wirelesses an t'telly
I, t'lectric's cum ta stay.


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